1.) You will need to set up a PayPal mobile account if you dont' have one already. It is easy to setup. Takes about 5 minutes to setup on your cellphone and it is FREE. You can also setup a PayPal accont on a laptop or destop computer by going to

2.) If you don't have a PayPal account already, go to your app store on your cellphone. Search for PayPal mobile and download the app. Follow the directions to setup your account.  You will need a debit card for the setup process, but you can pay with either a debit card or credit card.

3.) When you are setup and ready - Go to your PayPal account on your cell phone to pay for your 40th reunion memory book.

4). Go to "Send Money" and Click on Send to "Friends and Family."

5.) Enter as the person you are sending to.

6.) Input the payment amount of $25 for each book you want (includes taxes, shipping, and handling).

7.) In the comments box, add your name(s), mailing address, and email address.

8.) Complete your transaction by checking send.  We will email you a confirmation when we get your payment.

9.) If you have any questions regarding the PayPal account, please contact Lynn Lane Hill at: (918) 694-0104

(or) via email at

Photos you have for the book may be emailed to or can be placed in Dropbox @

DEADLINE to submit photos for the book is October 1, 2019.  Books should arrive near the end of October.