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Dean Garrett

Dean Garrett

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10/15/08 08:26 PM #1    

Michael Omalley Mocha

dean and i were best friends, i don't know what to say, he was a great guy. we use to hate each other in junior high , he went to ar and i went to west, but when we met in high school football we became best friends, he quit football when we were jrs. but came to all the games. we played b.a. at b.a. and the stands were so close to the field. dean sat there yelling at me when i went back for a punt return. i was laughing the whole time the ball was in the air. i think i caught it and looked up in the stands and caught dean standing there laughing too, thanks dean, for all the memories, mike mocha

02/02/09 05:10 PM #2    

Jeffery Barclay Potts

I first met Dean at Whittier Elementary. Even then Dean Garrett was "The Guy." Hands down he was the best athelete at Whittier- even in the fourth grade. Once we got to A.R. it was the same thing. Dean and Bret White were on all the Freshman sports teams as only eight graders. Since Bret White went on to help start the football dynasty at "Jenks" and then went on to play football for the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, I often wonder where Dean would have played had he lived. He probably would have gone on to OU or OSU as a baseball pitcher. I don't know for sure what he would have done after college, but if I know Dean he would have been the best at it and would have been a great success. I see Dean's mom quite often and you can still see the pain and hurt in her eyes after all these years. Dean was a great friend and his untimely death was a tragic loss to all who knew him. Dean maybe missed, but he is not forgotten. We miss you Dean.

04/27/09 10:04 PM #3    

Rosemary A VanBeber (Seabolt)

I to went to school with Dean starting in elementary at Whittier,,we had alot of great memories and like you said Jeff what a awesome athlete,,,I to wonder where he might have ended up at...Dean was a great athlete and friend,,I remember getting caught smoking at A.R. behind the stadium and they took us all in,,and that included Dean who never smoked but he never gave any of us up either took the punishment like everyone else... such a tragic death,,I to run into his mother often and I see the pain too,,always ask about certain people and where they are and what they are doing now...We truly do have a angle that looks down upon us all and he too will be there for a reunion if only in memory..GONE BUT NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN... RoseMary Seabolt

05/05/09 04:39 PM #4    

Dennis E McDaniels

i knew dean most of my life...danny mc and i used to hang out with dean all the time, we were neighbors...i played alot of ball with dean and his dad coaching...great guys....lot of childhood memories...miss u pal

06/13/09 05:50 PM #5    

Ken Ledbetter


06/24/09 01:05 AM #6    

Thelma M Simmons (Owens)

Wow, when we lost Dean it was really rough, because he was the one person who could get along with everyone, he didn't meet any strangers and he truly liked everyone. He saw the good in people and that was one could have chosen a better person to share friendship, secrets or just hang out with. You are missed!

07/15/09 01:49 PM #7    

Bryan Douglas Lee

In grade school I Remember Dean having very loving parents and his Dad very involved in everything he did. in 7th grade at AR, I think Dean and Brett White were shaving! and seemed to have all these muscles... especially Brett. I thought they were so wild and had all the girls. lol They were among the AR football standouts.
I remember Dean in high school still shooting spit wads in English class and being seated in the back of the class. Made me shake my head and ask him why and tell him to grow up.
I went to his funeral and that English teacher said she was glad I was there.
Just a memory trying to make sense...

08/18/09 08:47 AM #8    

Susan Baker (McAuliff)

I didn't know Dean at all until highschool English class with Mrs. Newkirk. I sat close to him but in the next row. I was so bored in that class except for watching and listening to Dean's comments. He made me laugh. Once he asked me if he could take my homework home with him (to copy!). I almost NEVER did that, but I couldn't say no. I was very sad to hear when he died. My heart goes out to his mom, as mom's hearts never heal.

08/27/09 09:27 PM #9    

Stephen Dickmann (Dickmann)

Dean and I used to ride back and forth from school.
I always enjoyed listening to him talk about his family and POPS(his Dad)We had a party for the baseball team one time and dressed him up in a diaper complete with a pacifier and bottle and he loved every minute of it.He was fullback at AR and he would get aggravated at me when I`d call l-right 34 most of the time but I new he had the heart of a true athlete and always got the job done.He loved driving the little Blue Bug and making people laugh.I`ve missed him through the years and will always miss him cause with a friend like that you will never forget.

12/28/14 02:56 PM #10    

Pamela Dean Goodwin (Oliver)

To this day, I still think about growing up thru my school years with Dean. During grade school at Whittier Elementary, when we had to line up for something they always put us in alphabetical order and I was always behind Dean and in front of Jeff Hamlin...little rascals always loved to picked on me and call me Pam "Bad loose" favorite thing was our 6th grade Christmas play and I was the Angel hanging from the ceiling on a swing and who did they put in charge of holding the rope that controlled my swing..Dean and Jeff! I loved them both no matter how honory they were, because they both were great guys. I miss Dean still to this day....

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